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Green Dragon Botanicals was created in 2009 to meet the growing demand of the Lyme disease community looking for alternatives to conventional antibiotic treatment.

After apprenticing with and being introduced to Lyme disease treatment by Stephen Buhner and his book HEALING LYME, Timothy Scott began using the protocol set forth, with substantial improvement in the majority of people who use it, including himself.

DandelionGreen Dragon Botanicals is the entity to carry forth the continual creation of this potent treatment in convenient capsules and tinctures to provide for the wider community of those inflicted with this devastating disease and the co-infections that often accompany it. It is the spirit-body of these healing plants that has made the appearance of Green Dragon Botanicals possible, and we all owe much thanks and praises to these generous green wonders.

Green Dragon Botanicals has realized the goals of encapsulating a reliable whole plant source for the most important herb in Lyme treatment, Japanese Knotweed, and we continue to try to meet the remarkable growth in demand for herbal treatment using the LB Core and LB Tonic Protocols. We also provide a liquid form of the LB Core Protocol adapting to children's needs and those who like to do without the capsules. And we have formulated the LB Prevention Protocol for those in endemic areas by incorporating Astragalus root for immune health.


Green Dragon Botanicals captures the innate intelligence of plants, using whole plant forms, from ecologically wild-harvested or organically grown sources.

Based on Scott's book, INVASIVE PLANT MEDICINE (Inner Traditions, Aug 2010), we have a special affection for the rampantly widespread opportunistic species. Contrary to conventional thought, "invasive" plants are actually providing enormous benefit to the environment and are offering potent medicines to surrounding inhabitants. With this, the future goal of Green Dragon Botanicals is the continued encapsulation and extraction of these valuable prolific plants, offering economic growth for harvesting, providing potent sources for healing, lessening impact on endangered medicinal species, and ensuring ecological health without herbicides.

In gratitude of these green healing wonders...

From the foothills of the Green Mountains in southern Vermont...

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