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Tim with Eleuthero on his farm

Timothy Scott is an herbalist, acupuncturist, writer, and gardener living in southern Vermont. He received a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied psychology and general health sciences in undergraduate school, and has been in private practice since 2002.

For nine years, Tim and his wife Colleen ran a community-based health care clinic in Brattleboro, Vermont, providing acupuncture, herbal consultations, massage, and an extensive herbal apothecary.

After apprenticing with Stephen Buhner and being introduced to Lyme disease and its treatment, Tim began treating others with the comprehensive herbal protocol laid-forth within the book HEALING LYME. He began harvesting Japanese Knotweed and encapsulating the root and saw substantial improvement in the majority taking it. He also experienced the disease and its turmoil first-hand, and relied on and recovered with the protocol.

To keep up with the increasing need of a simple, reliable, and affordable herbal medicine for this devastating disease, the LB Core Protocol was developed, and in 2009, Tim created the herbal formulating company, Green Dragon Botanicals, to provide remedies for the greater Lyme community. He also continues to provide herbal consultations, with his practice focusing primarily on Lyme and other chronic and infectious diseases.

Tim is author of INVASIVE PLANT MEDICINE (Healing Arts Press, 2010) which is the first book of its kind to show that contrary to conventional thought, "invasive" plants are actually providing enormous benefit to the environment and are offering potent medicines to surrounding inhabitants. Tim continues to write and talk about herbal medicine and alternative health care, and his philosophy is rooted in Deep Ecology, sacred plant medicine, Buddhist, Taoist, and Native American traditions, natural farming/ permaculture, and reading the natural landscape.

Also, on a south-facing hillside homestead, Tim and his wife have been building a home and garden, creating a permiculture farm of various fruit and nut trees, while cultivating unique Chinese medicinals, and protecting endangered plants growing on the land.

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