Invasive Plant Medicines

Passionately Prolific and Potent Plants

Cats Claw vineWe, at Green Dragon Botanicals, have a special affection for 'invasive' plants, the rampantly widespread species which, contrary to conventional thought, are actually providing enormous benefit to the environment and are offering potent medicines to surrounding inhabitants.

We have deemed it necessary to gain rapport with these over-abundant plants that have been calling out to get our attention. With this, the aspiration of Green Dragon Botanicals is the encapsulation and extraction of these valuable and prolific plants, offering economic growth for harvesting, providing potent sources for healing, lessening the impact on endangered medicinal species, and ensuring ecological health without herbicides.

The modern 'invasion' of plants parallels the epidemic movement of pathogenic influences, revealing the symbiotic relationship between plants and disease. This can be seen with plants like Japanese Knotweed, who has spread in nearly the same trajectory and at the same rate as Lyme disease throughout North America. This plant has the ability to remove contaminants from the soil and water it inhabits, and also aids in the detoxification of the human body.

Japanese KnotweedJapanese Knotweed has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years and the plant possesses many potent compounds, of which the antioxidant resveratrol, a 'wonder drug' attributed with longevity and healing. Japanese Knotweed root is the richest known source of resveratrol and grows abundantly throughout North America and the temperate regions of the world.

With its widespread appearance, Knotweed has gained the reputation as a 'noxious invader'. Though from a different perspective, this demonstrates the innate intelligence of the natural world, with plants arriving to heal people's ills.

Our Products

All invasive plants used in the capsules, powders, and liquids come from clean sources that are away from roads and never sprayed. The herbs are further tested for contaminants and heavy metals. Farmers, gardeners, herbalists, and others can help create a positive relationship with these plants by harvesting them for medicine making.

Do You Harvest Herbs?

If you are interested in helping this project with any of the plants listed (or others), please contact Green Dragon Botanicals and let us know that you are interested in harvesting plants. We have a brief questionnaire form (.doc) for you to fill out with questions about you and your farm. Please fill it out and send it to us via email.

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