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Generally, the base dose to start the LB CORE or LB TONIC is 3 capsules, 3X/day, and then working up 3 caps at a time on a weekly basis, to a maximum of 12 capsules, 3-4X/day. If there is any digestive upset along the way (bloating, diarrhea, gas, distention, etc.), then back down to a lower dose that is more comfortable.

For the liquid version of the protocol, the suggested use is ΒΌ-1 tsp., 3-4X/day.

Maintain maximum dose the body tolerates for at least 60 days, and depending on severity and duration of illness, the herbs can be lowered to a maintenance dose. Continue use of the herbs for 8-12 months or until symptoms are resolved. If symptoms worsen upon lowering the dose, increase.

Digestive issues may arise with bloating, gas, diarrhea, abdominal distention, etc. and this is an indication of too high a dose.

Lower the amount of herbs to where is comfortable.

Andrographis has created an allergic response in about 1% of those taking it. This manifests as a full body rash or hives when first taking it, which is then relieved when the herb is discontinued, though may take time to resolve completely.

Use Japanese knotweed with caution with blood thinning medications and discontinue the use of the herb 10 days prior to surgery.

The protocol is contraindicated if pregnant or trying to get pregnant, and consult a health care practitioner if breast-feeding.

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