How do I take the herbal protocol?

Generally, the base dose to start the LB CORE or LB TONIC is 3 capsules, 3X/day, and then working up 3 caps at a time on a weekly basis, to a maximum of 12 capsules, 3-4X/day. If there is any digestive upset along the way (bloating, diarrhea, gas, distention, etc.), then back down to a lower dose that is more comfortable.

For the liquid version of the protocol, the suggested use is ΒΌ-1 tsp., 3-4X/day.

Maintain maximum dose the body tolerates for at least 60 days, and depending on severity and duration of illness, the herbs can be lowered to a maintenance dose. Continue use of the herbs for 8-12 months or until symptoms are resolved. If symptoms worsen upon lowering the dose, increase.

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