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With 20 years of experience working with Lyme disease and its co-infections, as well as experiencing the disease first hand, Tim offers a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual based on the Stephen Buhner’s herbal protocols, and includes advise on diet, lifestyle, supportive therapies, and mental outlook to help you through the healing process.

The 60-minute consultation will be time to go over your situation, bring up questions, share experience, and formulate a protocol specific for you.

  • Initial phone consultation is $300, and includes 1 month follow-up for questions via email
  • At the time of scheduling, non-refundable 50% payment and then the remainder due at conclusion of appointment
  • Prior to the appointment, you will need to fill out intake form/ questionnaire through client portal and list of all symptoms – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; list of all medications, supplements, herbs; diagnosis/ test results; allergies/ sensitivities; any major illness, accident, surgery, trauma
  • Following the consultation, the protocol will be sent outlining treatment via client portal
  • $100 Follow-up appointments (20 minutes) will be available as well



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